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Founded in April 2004, Kevorkian Mastering is located in Greenpoint, Brrooklyn.

We have since delivered thousands of amazing albums and projects from every musical genre. Because of our passion, dedication & expertise in the craft of audio mastering, our reputation keeps growing steadily, not only here in the US, but all around the world.

You don’t have to take our word for it: Try us out risk free. Just send us a test track and you’ll be convinced!

Fred began his career in France, where he worked for Sonofrance, a well-established sound company in Paris. His background in electronics and passion for music led him naturally into the field of audio consulting and studio design. After several years, Fred decided to specialize in engineering. He became a freelance broadcast engineer working for major television networks as well as a staff engineer at Parisign Records.

In 1990, Fred came to New York where he spent a total of nine years at Sear Sound. He was the chief recording engineer there, and also collaborated with Walter Sear in building and customizing unique pieces of vintage gear during the first four years. He then turned his focus to mastering, which really suited his talent and interests. Walter Sear decided to build Studio B where Fred spent the remaining five years there, mastering albums for independent and major label artists.

In 1999, Fred joined Absolute Audio where he was on staff for five years before founding Kevorkian Mastering, Inc. in 2004. At Absolute, Fred sharpened his mastering skills and built up quite an impressive list of clients. In April of 2005, Fred moved to a new mastering facility designed and built by Avatar Studios where he continues providing excellent mastering services. His mastering room is located on the 3rd floor.

Fred’s album credits include The White Stripes, Maroon 5, Dave Matthews Band, Sonny Rollins, Iggy Pop, The National, Willie Nelson, Ryan Adams, Phish, Billy Cobham and many others.

Larry got his start in the mastering business at Sterling Sound in the 80’s. It was there that he worked in the company of some of the finest mastering engineers in the world as a booking / studio manager. After 12 years Larry decided to accept an offer from Herb Powers Jr. to help launch and run his own studio, Power House of Sound which was Billboard’s number one mastering studio for 3 of the 4 years that it was open. Herb began to teach him a thing or two about mastering , and Larry was eager to learn. Although he had begun to do some mastering at Sterling Sound, it was here with Herb Powers that he got enthusiastic about it. When Powers House of Sound dissolved, Larry went to work at Absolute Audio full time as an engineer. It is here where he met Fred Kevorkian, who was a fellow engineer.

A few years later he took a spot at Integrated Studios in Manhattan’s Tribeca district. It proved to be a great experience for Larry to be the only mastering engineer in a recording and mixing studio whose rooms were designed and treated by the legendary John Storyck. Many of the people who came in to record or mix in the SSL room, wound up coming down the hall to master with him as the mixes were being completed.

Several years later after a temporary gig at Dave Kutch’s The Mastering Palace, Larry reunited with his old friend from Absolute Audio, who in the meantime had opened his own studio, Kevorkian Mastering within Avatar Studios. Larry now calls Kevorkian Mastering his home.

Whether it’s Hip Hop or Rock or Pop music, Larry is at his best here at Kevorkian mastering, and his clients have never been happier with the work.